Abstract: This paper presents the results of the study of the coagulation of the monoammonium phosphate aerosol particles in the model ultrasonic scrubber chamber. The behavior of aerosol particles inside the chamber is studied at the distance of 100 mm and 400 mm from the ultrasonic emitter with 22 kHz of the radiation frequency. The presented results show almost complete absence of particle coagulation at the sound pressure intensity of 140 DB and the active coagulation process at the intensity of 150 dB for the selected sample. The initial mass concentration of ammonium phosphate in the chamber was 1 g / m3. Measuring the dispersed composition of the aerosol showed that coagulation proceeds more intensively in the region of 400 mm. After 30 minutes of exposure the value of the average surfactant diameter of the aerosol particles in the chamber has changed by 238.4%.
Index terms: aerosol, coagulation of particles, a scrubber chamber, ultrasound.


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