R.B. Zhelukevich, V.V. Minin, Yu.F. Kaiser, A.V. Lysyannikov, V.G. Shram, V.E. Zhelukevich, D.P. Parshin, A.V. Egorov, V.L. Tyukanov, Yu.A. Savostyanova
DOI: 10.25699/SSSB.2021.40.6.007 Download PDF
Abstract: The article presents an analysis of the existing means for determining the strength of snow-ice formations, reveals their disadvantages, advantages and distinctive abilities. The purpose of this work is to develop compact means for measuring the strength of road pavement components and ensuring quality control of the compaction of the roadbed of winter roads under construction by the depth of the pavement. A technical solution is proposed that allows achieving a higher technical result in comparison with known analogues, which consists in increasing the measurement accuracy, simplifying the fixing of the ball element in the housing, ensuring the fixation of the moving elements during transportation and expanding the functionality by determining the strength on the surface and in depth snow cover with tips of different profiles, and also allows you to reduce the manufacturing cost and laboriousness of work during measurements. The proposed device (hardness tester) allows you to expand the field of application, both for freshly fallen snow, and for old, due to the use of different lower surfaces of the profile of the tips in the form of a cone, cylinder or ball. The spherical surface increases the contact area of its lower surface with snow formations for freshly fallen snow. The device has been designed, manufactured and allows to determine the strength properties of snow-ice formations during scientific research.
Index terms: hardness tester, strength, density, snow-ice formations, density tester, striker, measuring instrument.


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