Abstract: Protection of the health of citizens is one of the key topics in the development of the state. The need to build a health care system on a new technological base was announced by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in his Address to the Federal Assembly on April 21, 2021. Health care is a rather complex and dynamic system that requires constant assessment of the situation and quick decision-making. A continuous assessment of the epidemiological situation and monitoring of the health of a particular citizen is impossible without a well-organized exchange of information and a unified data system introduced into the daily work of medical institutions. At the moment, there are a large number of medical information systems (MIS), however, many of them contain redundant functionality and a specific data storage format. It is quite problematic to adapt existing IIAs to the needs of specific regions, both in terms of labor and time costs, and financially. The task was to develop a medical information system Astral.Med, aimed at solving urgent problems in the field of primary health care. One of the development tasks is the possibility of transferring and receiving various medical information to the already existing MIS with the aim, ultimately, of sending this data to the Unified State Information System in the field of health care. In this case, a single repository of all patient data should be implemented, regardless of the medical institution in which they are served and the information system in this institution. Implementation of the Ast-Ral.Med system consists of: development of the interface module; developing a database and a way to interact with it; a module for processing requests from specialists of a medical institution and a module for integration with thirdparty MIS (which is one of the most basic and complex tasks due to the possible incompatibility of data storage formats in various information systems).
Index terms: MIS, message broker, data model, data serialization and deserialization, stored heap, data source, entity migrator.


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