Abstract: Sibunit is carrying agent for the catalyst used in various processes of the chemical industry, including in hydrogenation reaction. Now for its preparation and conducting of technological operations the so-called "dry" way possessing extensive deficiencies is used, basic of which the fluffing, and also a considerable share of muscle work on manufacture and, as consequence, the big duration of separate stages are. It is offered to use a "wet" way with application of rotor-stator equipment for preparation of a catalyst carrier for the purpose of exclusion of the specified deficiencies. As a result of the spent work it has been established, that activity of the catalysts samples gained with use of the hammer mill and with application rotor-stator system in hydrogenation reaction has made 0,606 gramme-molecules/mines and 0,642 grammemolecules/mines, at an yield of a target product of 76,15% and 80,00%, accordingly. Also it is defined, that the share of losses caused by a dust generation, it has been lowered more than in 10 times in comparison with acting technology
Index terms: sibunit, catalyst carrier, rotor-stator system.


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