Abstract: In light of the deteriorating environmental conditions, requirements are established to minimize discharges and utilize hazardous waste from enterprises to reduce the negative impact on the environment. The petrochemical industry can be attributed to one of the largest sources of pollution. The volume of emissions from enterprises depends not only on the capacity of technological equipment, its quality, but also on wastewater treatment systems, waste gases and waste disposal systems. Each enterprise emits substances into the environment that are the "imprint" of this production. While maintaining the basic composition of pollutants in emissions and wastewater, this set of components remains practically the same. The increase in production capacity also leads to an increase in the amount of industrial waste that is dangerous to the environment. Many petrochemical enterprises develop and implement measures aimed at improving the environmental friendliness of production, which is in line with the strategy of sustainable development. At the same time, it is planned not only to modernize and improve technological processes, to introduce waste-free and resource-saving technologies, but also to use modern methods of minimizing discharges. In this article, using the example of large-scale production of phenol and acetone, ethylene, fat-processing production, possible emissions that pollute the air and water basins are considered. An overview of studies aimed at the isolation of valuable components of pollution and their return to the technological cycle or utilization, with the receipt of target products for further use, is given. Methods are considered, the introduction of which will increase the degree of purification of gaseous emissions and wastewater from technological installations, and will lead to an improvement in the environmental situation.
Index terms: petrochemical production, technology, emissions, purification, ecology.


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