S.I. Noskov, M.P. Bazilevskiy, Yu.A. Trofimov, Archyt Buyannemekh
DOI: 10.25699/SSSB.2021.39.5.013 Download PDF
Abstract: The article discusses the problem of developing (forming) an efficiency function (aggregated criterion, convolution of criteria) of the sections included in the Ulan Bator Railway (UBZhD), which would contain specially weighted private characteristics of the quality of the functioning of these sections. The solution to this problem is carried out on the basis of the information and computational technology (ICT) developed at the Irkutsk State University of communication lines for multi-criteria assessment of the effectiveness of the functioning of complex socio-economic and technical systems. IWT makes it possible at the model level to evaluate this efficiency by one number (expressed, for example, as a percentage), which opens up ample opportunities in the management of these systems, since it allows performing, in particular, a large-scale multifactorial comparative analysis of the activities of homogeneous organizational and other structures and on this basis solutions of the most varied nature. The function of the effectiveness of the functioning of the UBZhD sections has been built, which includes weighted private indicators of such efficiency: loading, static load, unloading, dispatch of cars, transportation of passengers, idle time of cars with one processing, idle time of local cars, idle time of transit cars with processing, idle time of transit cars without processing. Based on this function, a 100% scaled efficiency is calculated for each site. Moreover, all preference indicators are sorted in descending order of importance. Such information, generated on a yearly basis, can be very useful to the UBZhD leadership for making a wide range of managerial, including personnel, decisions. Similar work can be performed in the interests of RAO Russian Railways.
Index terms: railway, sections, efficiency function, private performance indicators, multi-criteria, decision-making theory.


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