Abstract: The main method of preventing sulfur from fading out of rubber is the use of its insoluble µ-form (polymeric sulfur). Insoluble sulfur is used to increase the strength, heat resistance and wear resistance of articles. It also found application in the production of sulfur concrete for the formation of pavement in various sectors of construction. Thermal methods for producing insoluble sulfur (gasification and melt cooling method) are most common in world industrial production. But there are many unresolved problems: the low content of the target product, the use of highly toxic reagents in production, the production of a product that is poorly dispersible in rubber, the return of the polymer form to a more stable cyclic eight-membered in the process of production and storage. The main trends in the development of insoluble sulfur production methods are aimed at achieving "three maxima" of insoluble sulfur indicators: high content, high dispersibility and high heat resistance. The purpose of this article is to review the current technical achievements in the production of high-quality insoluble sulfur based on the analysis of the world patent literature of recent years. The scope of the review includes discussion of ways to increase polymer form stability, quantitative yield, reduce electrostatic effect and improve dispersibility in rubber production. The use of various individual substances and compositions for maximizing the yield of insoluble form of sulfur with firmly bound cuts of chain structure is considered. The conditions of their application, concentration, influence on thermal resistance are shown. It has been shown that the chemical nature of the stabilizer and the method of its addition directly affect the heat resistance of the product and storage stability. To improve this complex of properties of polymer sulfur, the composition of additives and their multistage management are complicated. Various versions of traditional and new antistatic and dispersing additives, arising technical and technological problems in their application are considered.
Index terms: polymer sulfur, stabilizer, antistatic effect, dispersing agent.


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