Abstract: This article proposes an algorithm for controlling the formation of destructive processes in geotechnical systems. In practice the proposed algorithm corrects the range of acceptable parameters of the geotechnical system based on complex data processing on external factors and combinations of reactions of the system. It built on the basis of the theory of bifurcations. Based on the results of the algorithm, an assessment of changes is formed in the state of the geotechnical system. The article also describes the results of the practical application of the developed algorithm based on geotechnical monitoring data (observations were carried out from 2016 to 2021) of the parameters of the soil base, as well as the physical and mechanical parameters of the structural elements of the foundation and structure. The structure was a three-story building erected on a brick ribbon foundation. The object of the research is located in the city of Murom, Vladimir region. During the application of the developed algorithm, the most vulnerable key points of the geotechnical system were identified in which hidden destructive processes develop. The obtained results are also confirmed by the results of modeling in LIRA-CAD of stresses in the structure of the foundation of a building with a change in the proportion of natural humidity of the upper layers of the soil. Thus, although there are many approaches to solving the problems of geotechnical monitoring and assessing the stability of geotechnical systems, nevertheless, constantly emerging project situations that lead to accidents and catastrophes of a man-made and natural nature show their low efficiency. Therefore, the application of the developed algorithm is relevant when predicting the stability of the geotechnical system due to the correction in the dynamic mode of the permissible limits of variation of the physical and mechanical parameters of the stability of the geotechnical system obtained in the design calculations.
Index terms: algorithm, control, process, geotechnical system, destructive.


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