Abstract: The production of sulfur from gas the accumulation of a large amount of elemental sulfur. This complicates the environmental situation. The problem requires immediate resolution. It is necessary to find new ways to produce valuable materials from elemental sulfur. Sulfur is a large-tonnage type of chemical raw material that has many allotropic modifications and crystalline forms. The properties of allotropes depend on the production method, the presence of impurities and storage conditions. Polymeric sulfur is an insoluble modification of sulfur. Polymeric sulfur is used in the production of high-quality tires, rubber, sulfur concrete and in other areas of industry. The purpose of this article is a scientific and analytical review of the current technical achievements in the field of polymer sulfur production from natural and associated raw materials. The review is made on the basis of materials of world periodic scientific, scientific and technical and patent literature. The article reveals the peculiarities of industrial methods of polymer sulfur production currently used in world practice. The scope of the review includes discussion of ways to produce insoluble forms of sulphur and the direction of their application. Described are methods of producing polymer sulfur, technological and operational difficulties when using a specific method. Key stages of methods of production and production of polymer sulfur are considered, their advantages and disadvantages are reflected, as well as analysis of main problems of sulfur production is carried out. The greatest attention is paid to thermal methods for the production of insoluble sulfur, such as gasification and melt cooling method, in view of their greatest prevalence and deeper technical development. It is shown that at present there are no major changes in the structures of production equipment, process lines and process parameters. There are common problems such as low product content, low thermal stability, poor dispersibility, accumulation of static electricity during the production process, unsafe production and high CS2 consumption.
Index terms: polymer sulfur, production methods, flow chart.


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