Abstract: Today, there is a question of information protection and process security in networks, as information technologies are actively being introduced into automated systems. Modeling of computer attacks is one of the important stages of designing an information security system. E allows an information security specialist to receive reasoned arguments about the presence of potential threats to the security of information at a specific object of protection. Mathematical models allow us to conduct a study of the characteristics of cyberattack and determine which means of protection can be used to neutralize it. The purpose of the article is to build a mathematical model of the development of a virus attack in an information system of a hierarchical structure. There are no horizontal relationships between local segments, and vertical ones are strengthened. Data warehouses at the federal and regional levels have these properties. The model is formalized as a system of nonlinear differential equations. An example for a three-level hierarchical system is considered. The results of numerical experiments are presented. They showed that the strategy in which the majority of network protection resources are directed to preventive measures gives the best result. The model can be used to create a methodology for mathematical and computer modeling of complex security management of multi-level hierarchical systems, as well as to ensure managerial decision-making in the field of information security.
Index terms: : mathematical model, hierarchical structure, system of differential equations.


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