Abstract: The relevance of research is due to the lack of a unified approach to providing ultrasonic exposure with maximum efficiency in the implementation of various technological processes in liquid-dispersed media. The aim of the research is to identify the conditions for ensuring optimal modes for the implementation of various technological processes under the action of ultrasonic vibrations in media with a predominantly liquid phase, taking into account the peculiarities associated with the formation of ultrasonic vibrations, their introduction into media of different properties and the implementation of the action itself with maximum efficiency. The object of research is ultrasonic technological devices for exposure in the "developed" cavitation mode in order to intensify technological processes in dispersed media with a predominantly liquid phase. As a result of studies based on the analysis of the formation of "developed" cavitation, the most effective modes of formation of oscillations, their introduction into the processed media and provision of the most effective cavitation effect, providing the specified transformations of the structure and properties of the processed media when exposed to limited and "unlimited" technological volumes, exposure in a standing wave mode and exposure to thin layers of liquid. The studies carried out made it possible to develop and recommend for practical application a general algorithm for controlling ultrasonic action in the implementation of technological processes in dispersed media with a predominantly liquid phase due to a continuous change in real time of the frequency and voltage level of the electronic generator supplying the ultrasonic oscillatory system.
Index terms: ultrasonic vibrations, ultrasonic oscillation system, cavitation, dispersed medium, liquid phase, ultrasonic action, control algorithm


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