Abstract: There is a bunch of different opinion dynamics for social communities in game theory. The processes of opinions exchange, the formation and change of both collective and individual opinions directly depend on the social community type, the participants interaction conditions, the consensus possibility, the relationship type between each of the team members and other factors. Every regularity has certain characteristics, some of them are generalizing. An important task is numerical modeling with visualization of the changing opinions process. This will allow to analyze the interaction of participants more effectively. Also, the graphical presentation allows us to consider the formation of new opinions and convergence in more detail, to evaluate the behavior of each participant and an attempt to “avoid” the consensus. Another important task is the classification of social dynamics according to the following criteria: convergence of opinions (the achievability of consensus); the trust threshold presence (this characteristic will allow the entire community to be divided into subgroups according to the trust level of the participants to each other); types of interaction between participants (paired, group). Both of these aspects make it possible to systematize the most "popular" patterns, as well as to visually and thoroughly examine the changing participants’ opinions process and the convergence of their opinions. There are different opinion dynamics within social communities examined in this paper. Dynamics presented in this study were selected due to two criteria. The first one is the citation of scientific works with their description in search engines and scientific databases. The second criterion is the technical possibility of visualization in the Python programming language.
Index terms: opinion dynamics, modeling, review, social communities, visualization, classification.


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