Abstract: The active development of information technologies, which is an integral element of the modern vector of informatization of most of the key spheres of activity of modern society, provides a significant transformation of their material, technical and information support. In this context, the introduction of the latest developments in the field of information technology in modern medical systems gives social significance to applied problems. Currently, artificial intelligence technologies have gained great popularity, including machine learning algorithms, artificial neural networks and deep learning. This work is devoted to researching trends and assessing the prospects for the application of machine learning methods in the context of the development and application of medical systems. The relevance of the development of machine learning in general, and in medicine in particular, lies in the fact that the use of these technologies contributes to an increase in the speed, quality and reliability of a whole range of tasks, largely unloading specialists working in these areas and providing software information support for their activities. The subject of this work is machine learning technologies in the context of medical information systems. The work is analytical in nature, the methodology of this work is to review and analyze information presented in open sources. As a result of this work, the main global trends in the development of this area are analyzed, key technologies and developers of systems with software operating on the basis of machine models are identified, and the factors limiting this process are presented. The results of this work can be useful for the developers of information systems, as well as for teaching staff working in this direction.
Index terms: machine learning, medicine, mobile medical devices.


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