Abstract: Magnetic separators with the use of a ferromagnetic nozzle, having high gradients of the magnetic field in the working space, are used for cleaning dust and gas flows and suspensions from magnetic impurities and are quite economical in industrial conditions. Semi-industrial separators of periodic and continuous action with ferromagnetic ball nozzle for cleaning the antifriction additive "Desta" from magnetic impurities are studied. To eliminate the loss of time for flushing the ferromagnetic ball nozzle, to ensure constant suspension performance and the quality of cleaning suspensions, the authors have developed a design and proposed a method for calculating the main parameters of a continuous separator. Experimental studies of the operation of separators of periodic and continuous action of the same dimensions of the working space and the performance of the cleaned suspension were carried out, which showed the undeniable advantages of a continuous separator.
Index terms: magnetic separator, ferromagnetic ball nozzle, magnetic impurities, antifriction additives.


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