Abstract: The existing system of hazardous building materials assessment does not take into account the materials thermal destruction parameters within temperature range below its smoldering phase. This fact does not fully allow to assess the impact of hazardous building materials on human health, the extent of building materials’ effect in the fire hazards formation, as well as its influence on the fire propagation. The aim of the work is the experimental studying of different type polyvinyl chloride floorings’ thermal destruction and assessing the hazards of this process. The study of destruction process and its’ development consisted in samples’ weight loss determining and the destruction rate calculating. The destruction hazards assessment lied in analyzing the gasair environmental samples being emitted due to materials’ thermal destruction. The thermal destruction research was carried out using isothermal thermogravimetric analysis method. The hazardous destruction assessment was performed using the evolved gases analysis method. The experiment resulted in acquiring the samples’ mass loss data in case of thermal destruction, defining the impact of duration and temperature on thermal destruction development, and assessing studied materials’ thermal destruction hazards. It has been established that PVC floorings are fire hazardous materials, which are prone to thermal degradation at temperatures below their smoldering temperature. When being heated PVC floorings are degradating, what is accompanied by fire hazardous substances emitting. This should be taken into consideration for hazardous materials type assessment; standardization of furnishing materials usage in various purposes buildings; fire development model construction, and time calculation of reaching toxic combustion products’ maximum permissible concentration along the escape routes.
Index terms: thermal analysis, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl chloride flooring, thermal destruction.


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