Abstract: One of the main controlled indicators that characterize the quality of a multicolored image on a printed product is the combination of colors. The combination of colors on the impression is a technological operation that consists in applying separate printing inks to the printed substrate to form a combined multicolored image on the printed product in accordance with the requirements of its integrity and informativeness. Control and evaluation of the combination of colors on the impression is carried out by various methods and is carried out on the drive crosses, test objects or on the resulting image. The relevance of the work is justified by the fact that the analysis of the patented methods of controlling the combination of paints in printing and the recommended standardized methods showed that they are characterized by high labor intensity, the presence of special devices for monitoring, instability of the result evaluation, and they do not provide the necessary accuracy and objectivity in determining the parameters of the combination of paints. This leads to a deterioration in the quality of the printed prints and the appearance of defects. The paper develops an algorithm for estimating the displacement of control marks using optical measuring devices and identifying the resulting result of combining colors with computer modeling options, followed by statistical data processing. The proposed approach provides reliable control of the color combination and the accuracy of determining the parameters of its stabilization (0.05-0.01 mm), and also allows you to objectively control the process of combining colors to ensure the quality of printed products.
Index terms: method of color registration control, register mark, control accuracy. tolerance field.


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