Abstract: All companies producing, storing, or transporting oil, to one degree or another, face the negative consequences of the formation of stable oil-water emulsions. Due to the climatic conditions of the northern regions, there are peculiarities in the processes of formation, separation, processing of persistent oil-water emulsions. The study of the viscosity and pour point of emulsions will make it possible to develop effective technological solutions for the storage and pumping of such emulsions in the field. The article presents the results of measuring the viscosity of emulsions of oils from Vankorskoye, Tagulskoye, Kuyumbinskoye fields, differing in chemical composition and initial viscosity, and corresponding formation waters with a content of 10 to 50 vol.%. at a temperature from plus 20 ° C to the solidification point, as well as after thermostating for 7 days at negative temperatures.
Index terms: oil-water emulsion, oil, viscosity, pour point.


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