Abstract: The paper analyzes the known technical solutions in the field of frequency separation of the received and transmitted signals of radio frequency signal repeaters and technical issues related to their implementation, and offers its own solution to improve the amplitude-frequency characteristics of filter systems using cavity resonators, made taking into account current trends in the implementation of such systems. The aim of this work is to improve the technical characteristics of cavity resonators. In this paper, we propose a variant of improving the operational and technical characteristics of cavity resonators. The proposed solution was tested in practice, metrological evaluation of its results was performed. The result of the research is the development of a method for improving the operational and technical characteristics of cavity resonators, focused on improving the quality of their work. The proposed solution can be applied in the production of repairs and routine maintenance of cavity resonators, during their operation in radio communication systems for various purposes, implemented with their use.
Index terms: cavity resonator, radio frequency signal filtering, repeater radio network, characteristics of cavity resonators, bandpass filters, notch filters, radio frequency repeater.


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