Abstract: Providing that both current processing techniques and supervisory instruments is updating, the problem of the accuracy quality parameters continues to be relevant for printing industry. Due to high-speed processes of the printed items manufacturing the current visual-based monitoring techniques can be thought of as low informative, selective applied resulted in accuracy decreasing at lot inspections. The most current monitoring methods regulated by standards are low-efficient at the moment. Both standard and patented quality monitoring techniques for printed images monitoring were analyzed. The listed techniques upgrading trends and points of the novel objective ones developing based on specified software hardware integration of measurement and information analysis procedures aimed at the operational process stabilization are noted. The ink trapping monitoring technique based on both mathematical and Fourier analysis is proposed. As long as the standard procedure is deficient, the algorithm of covering power control based used mathematical statistics approaches was developed. The monitoring is carried out by the developed software.
Index terms: nondestructive testing method, printed item, control accuracy.


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