Abstract: Automation of technological processes is playing an increasingly important role in the context of digitalization of the management of technological processes, production facilities and entire enterprises. The most important part of the digitalization process of modern industrial production is the training of personnel who have the necessary competencies in the field of programming, installation, commissioning, repair and operation of modern digital means and control systems. To solve this problem, secondary specialized and higher educational institutions must have educational and research laboratory complexes that allow students to acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for professional activity. In the context of economic sanctions against Russia, the development of such educational and research laboratory complexes based on modern domestic software and hardware automation systems becomes urgent. To expand the functionality of the created educational and research laboratory complex containing a physical thermal control object in the form of a furnace emulator, the complex is supplemented with virtual control objects created by modeling them. The use of virtual control objects allows you to create models of technological processes based on them, to develop and research systems for automatic control of these processes. A digital twin of the physical educational and research laboratory complex has been developed, which allows performing all laboratory work in a distance learning format in full.
Index terms: programmable logic controller, furnace emulator, virtual control object.


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