D.M. Karimova, A.F. Khaidarov, G. Y. Klimentova
 DOI: 10.25699/SSSB.2021.36.2.010 Download PDF
Abstract: Two-stroke engines, due to their simplicity of design, a small number of parts and compactness, are in great demand in many industries, mainly for garden equipment and motorcycles. These engines use a petrol-oil mixture to create an oil film, ensure sufficient lubrication of rubbing parts and protect them from corrosion. There are a number of requirements for a modern engine oil for a two-stroke engine: complete burnout without the formation of coke, ash, deposits, good dissolution and mixing with fuel, antiwear, anti-corrosion, lubricating properties at high temperatures. It seems problematic to achieve the simultaneous fulfillment of all requirements. Motor oil manufacturers use a variety of additives to improve the performance of oils. It is known that the additive content in oil can be up to 3%. This article discusses the possibility of using S-containing sterically hindered phenols as multifunctional additives. These substances have high antioxidant activity due to their structure, due to which oxidation processes are slowed down. As an object of comparison, the indicators of base oils were taken, obtained in the study of low-temperature properties, kinematic viscosity and determination of the viscosity index. The low-temperature properties of the additives mixed with oil have shown the possibility of using these substances as a defoaming additive. The results of studying the kinematic viscosity of oils with additives showed a slight increase in the adsorption capacity of the oil on engine parts. The use of S-containing sterically hindered phenols in the composition of the lubricating composition seems to be expedient. According to the studied indicators, it can be seen that these compounds are compatible with base oils.
Index terms: S-containing derivatives of hindered phenols, antioxidants, oil, properties, compatibility.


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