V.E. Bazhan, K.S. Edich
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Abstract: This article explores the use of gyroscope and accelerometer in mobile devices. These sensors perform a set of functions, among which are the device acceleration measurement, obtainment of the device position, determination of the direction of movement of the device in space. The way of applying these sensors to measure the quality of the road surface is researched in this article. The relevance of the study is determined by the problem of the poor condition of the road surface, the rapid wear of asphalt, the daily formation of road pits, which create the preconditions for the occurrence of road accidents and congestion. During the research, a mobile application was created. This mobile application collects and processes data from the gyroscope and accelerometer as well as data from the GPS module. The GPS data is used to restore the user's route. To collect sample data an experiment was conducted — car rides on asphalt and dirt roads were performed with a statically fixed smartphone collecting data from its sensors. The collected data was spared from the influence of gravity and anomalous values. The results of the study were presented in the form of graphs and histograms that demonstrate how effective this method is for assessing the quality of roads using a smartphone and prove its applicability in practice. The results presented in this article will be useful to the traffic police, search, and cartographic services, companies engaged in the development of navigation systems, and electronic reference books with city maps.
Index terms: road, quality, gyroscope, accelerometer.


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