N.V. Volkova, T.V. Pozdnyakova
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Abstract: The relevance of the presented article is determined by the extreme importance of the formation of high-quality tools for conducting social research, the purpose of which, often, is to study difficult-to-measure, mainly latent, phenomena and processes. In the article, the authors substantiate the need to implement two stages of social research: pilot (within the framework of which the initial version of the questionnaire is formed and its quality is assessed using numerical methods) and the main one (research itself). The article provides the algorithm for the formation of a measuring instrument (questionnaire) for social research, which is recommended to be implemented at the stage of a pilot study, before the main survey; mathematical methods for assessing the empirical and discriminant validity of the questionnaire, as well as the reliability-consistency of its items are considered. At the same time, mathematical methods for analyzing the quality of social research tools are considered on the example of forming a questionnaire for studying the rural areas citizens territorial loyalty. The quality assessment of the initial measurement tool for the study of territorial loyalty is determined by the results of a pilot survey in which 15 respondents participated. The example considered in the article shows that in the course of achieving the required indicators of the discriminant validity of the questionnaire and the reliability-consistency of its items, "low-quality" components are excluded from the tool, which makes it possible to reduce the time for filling out the questionnaire for respondents, as well as reduce the complexity of subsequent processing of research results while maintaining the desired parameters of its quality. It should be noted that the algorithm for forming the questionnaire and numerical methods for analyzing its quality considered in the article can be used not only for the formation of tools for social research, but also in the field of marketing. The reported study was funded by RFBR according to the research project № 19-010-00233 "Factors of territorial loyalty of rural settlements residents (on the example of the Altai Territory)".
Index terms: territorial loyalty; social studies; the validity of the questionnaire; reliability of the questionnaire.


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