Abstract: The article describes the development and creation of a new radiator in the form of a piston, which is designed for voicing various gas environments. The basis for creating this emitter was a body in the form of a cylinder, the length of which is half the wavelength. This body was connected to an electroacoustic Converter. Due to the fact that the connecting plane, which is intended to excite vibrations, is deepened in relation to the end surface, it was possible to significantly increase the amplitude of mechanical vibrations of the radiating surface. At the end of all the necessary research and development, a new ultrasonic emitter was created. The proposed design makes it possible to provide an acoustic effect on gas-dispersed media with an ultrasonic field intensity of at least 145 dB, with a power consumption level not exceeding 90 watts.
Index terms: ultrasound, a gaseous medium, the ultrasonic transducer


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