Abstract: The paper considers the combustion performance of CuO/Al/additive, where high energy materials of nitrotriazole derivatives1Me-3H, T-3H, and E-3H are used as additives. The additives allowed the improvement in explosion force (F) to 185 %, and the combustion rate in the tube (b =2 mm) to 850 m/s, in a thin layer (0.1 mm) up to 350 m/s. All the studied compositions are characterized by an extreme dependence of the explosion force on the content of the additive, while the limit values of F are observed at the content of 1Me-3H-15 %, T – 3H and E-3H – 10 %. It was found that the influence of the selected nitrotriazole derivatives on the explosive characteristics of CuO/Al nanothermite decreases in the following order 1Me-3H>E-3H>T-3H.
Index terms: nanothermites, combustion performance, nitrotriazole derivatives.


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