Abstract: Here we report the results of the study on the reaction of uric acid with benzylamine over sodium persulphate as the oxidizer. The reaction is shown to furnish 4-benzylamino-5-benzylamino-allane-toine at a starting reagent molar ratio of 1:2, whereas the 1:3 and 1:4 molar ratios afforded a mixture of 4-benzylamino-5-benzylamino-allantoine and 1-benzylamino-4- benzylaminoallantoyne. The subsequent oxidation of 4-benzylamino-5-benzylamino-allantine with sodium persulphate over ammonia yielded 4-benzylamino-allantoine; thus, the synthesis of this compound is through the two stages. In case benzylamine and ammonia are injected immediately into the reaction with uric acid over the oxidizer, 4-benzylamino-allantoine is formed as well. The results of this research are pretty interesting, and this research is to be continued.
Index terms: uric acid, 4-benzylamino-5-benzylamino-allantoine, sodium persulphate, benzylamine.


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