You can download the sample and rules for the article by clicking on the link below. When drafting an article, it is recommended that you edit the design sample directly, replacing the content of the sample with your information.

In connection with the preparation of the journal for inclusion in the international database Scopus, the abstract in the articles must be structured in accordance with the Design Rules and clearly reflect the essence, relevance of the problem being solved, the methods of solution proposed by the author(s), and the results obtained.

Attention! Together with the article, the authors must send a scanned expert opinion on the possibility of publishing the work in the open press (for citizens of the Russian Federation) and reviewing the article!
All articles are checked for illegal borrowing!

Download expert opinion template

The template of the expert conclusion is given as a reference sample. It is recommended to use the form of an expert opinion adopted by your organization.

The review must include the position, academic degree and title of reviewer. The direct supervisors of authors and employees of structural subdivisions of authors can not act as reviewers.

Article, expert opinion (for citizens of the Russian Federation) and review should be sent by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Within 3 days after receipt of the article by the editorial staff and in the presence of scanned copies of the expert opinion and review, the article is submitted to internal one-sided blind review. Simultaneously with the transfer of the article to the internal review, the authors receive an appropriate notification by e-mail.
Internal review is strictly confidential and is carried out by candidates and / or doctors of sciences who have made a significant scientific contribution to the development of areas of knowledge on the topic of the article under review. The author(s) are automatically notified by e-mail about the results of the article review and receive a copy of the review without specifying the information on the reviewer. Based on the review of the article, the reviewer makes one of three possible conclusions:
1. The article can be published. In this case, the article is published in the nearest issue of the journal, subject to the deadline for submission of the article indicated on the site
2. The article can be published after revision (the reviewer lists remarks to the article). In this case, the article is reviewed again after the author(s) has eliminated comments on the article and sent a revised version of the article to the editors.
3. The article can not be published. In this case, the article in the journal is not published, and the author(s) receive a motivated refusal.

The publication of articles for all authors, including postgraduate students, is FREE OF CHARGE.

Each article is assigned an international DOI digital identifier.

When sending articles to a specified e-mail address, the author (s) confirms that:
1. Gives its consent to corrector corrections to the article necessary for its publication. Such editing in this case should not entail changes in the meaning of the article, its reduction or inclusion of additions to it, supplying it with any explanations, comments without the consent of the author.
2. Gives its consent to the commission by the publisher of the journal and by persons who have the right to use exclusive rights to the magazine "Polzunovsky Herald", any actions aimed at bringing my article to the public, including its reproduction, distribution as part of a composite work ( magazine "Polzunovsky Herald"), and separately, posting on the Internet, inclusion in electronic databases, as well as free transfer of these rights to third parties, subject to compliance with non-proprietary copyright rav (including the rights of authorship, the right to a name, the right to inviolability.
3. Agrees to extract the metadata (name, name of the author (copyright holder), annotations, bibliographic materials, etc.) from my article and use them for inclusion in the RINC (Russian Scientific Citation Index) database containing bibliographic information (bibliographic description of articles and site references).


Attention! The editors reserve the right not to consider articles that are not in accordance or incomplete requirements submitted without one or more required supporting documents in scanned form.



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